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5 easy steps to choose the ideal wedding rings

by M. ANTONIO PEREZ 13 Sep 2022

Wedding rings are jewels with great meaning. We have always heard that they are the symbol with which the union between two people who love each other is sealed. With all the organization of the wedding you cannot miss any detail, especially something as important as choosing the rings with jewelers specialized in wedding rings . Its material value is probably high, but sentimentally its value is unique if you agree with this tradition. That is why we give you 5 tips to choose the wedding rings of your dreams :

1. How much do wedding rings cost?

As you can see, in any wedding, the wedding budget is the starting point for making any decision, it is closely linked to the material of the rings and its price increases and decreases depending on the material you have chosen.

If you had a promise ring, you would most likely want your wedding rings to match it and be more or less of the same material. Obviously, if you include more or less valuable materials, your budget will vary and you must take into account the mineral with which they will be accompanied, if it is a diamond (which is most in demand) the cost rises even more.

However, the price also changes depending on the design of the ring you choose; its shape, its finishes and style that give it that value. Many couples choose someone close to them as the groomsman, if you have considered this option obviously you will not have to worry about the budget. Although our advice is that they only do it for the sentimental value that this can bring. The fact that a couple or a person close to you gives you wedding rings is something nice as long as that person is special and gives you this gift with all the love in the world. The rings are an important symbol since it represents the union between you so it is better that you choose someone who loves you very much and who transmits that love to you through the rings.

2. Know the delivery times

We know that you will be super busy with the matter of the ceremony, guests, music, place of the event, etc., but please, do not neglect the detail of the rings. Although it is an easy issue to resolve, please do not leave it at the end, since the idea is that they choose very carefully, thinking that they will wear the wedding rings every day of their lives, so it has to be according to their style and personality and above all that they like it a lot, so they never have to take it off.

We recommend defining the design and materials of your wedding rings at least three months in advance, it is better to leave a margin of time preventing any changes to them. Also take into account the time you need to choose the design, engraving and measurements of both.

3. Decide the materials and measurements for the wedding rings

As we have mentioned before, the material is the base of the rings and the final piece is built from it. That is why they must decide what material is ideal for their wedding rings. Here we show you the most common:

Gold is the material chosen par excellence, being 18-carat yellow, white or pink, which is the highest quality and the most advisable. You decide which material best suits your possibilities and your tastes. Remember that they will be for life!

The size of the wedding rings is important. They should not be too tight and make it uncomfortable for them to wear, but neither should they be too big because you run the risk of losing them, and neither of the two previous options would look aesthetically pleasing in your hands.

We have a trick so that you can have the exact measurement of your rings, when you go to the jeweler make sure that it is not a very hot or cold day, since extreme climates can cause the fingers to expand or contract and not give the as it really is. Take this recommendation into account and avoid unexpected changes. Try that the wedding day and the visit with the jeweler are as similar as possible to avoid setbacks.

On the day of your event, due to stress and nerves, we can arrive with a few kilos less. If the rings are too big for your fingers, don't worry, surely when everything returns to normal they will fit perfectly.

If after the event they are still big or small, you can go to the jeweler to make the necessary adjustments, don't worry about it anymore!

4. Define the style and choose the design of the rings

The style that they have as a couple is decisive when choosing the design of the alliances, it is an element that identifies them as a couple and the personality of both.

It is important to define the shape as the first step, whether it is round or square as is currently used. Flat or rounded surface and its different finishes that can be: polished, satin, ice effect, matte-sand, brush, textured, hammered, Florentine, dotted or enamelled. In jewelry they can give you more details about how each one looks.

And as often happens, jewelers have reinvented the design of rings and after doing different tests, incredible pieces have come out. They have special reliefs, minimalist aesthetics, unique inlays, borders, a set of glosses, mixtures of materials. Imagine all this art on your fingers for a lifetime!

Some jewelers specialized in weddings today have opened up the possibilities of having completely personalized rings for the bride and groom where the couple determines the style and design, with all kinds of extravagances you can imagine. Although you can trust the professionals, it never hurts to inject a unique and original touch to your rings.

Keep in mind that what tradition says is not always going to be what you have to wear. The alliances will not have to be the same. Some grooms prefer to differentiate their rings by adding a touch such as diamonds and other inlays in one of the pieces.

If their personalities are not exactly the same and each one wants to keep it intact, they can choose or create their own ring. In the end, the important thing is that everyone likes their wedding ring and wants to wear it every day, it doesn't matter if everyone chooses theirs, the important thing is the meaning.

“Regarding the wedding rings, most of the time, the couple choose to choose the same color of gold as the engagement ring. For example, if the engagement ring was made of rose gold, the wedding bands will most likely be of the same color. This so that both form a harmonious and coherent set.

A very strong trend has undoubtedly been the churumbelas for the bride. The original ring is being replaced by a churumbela, which is full of diamonds or stones.

5. Think through the message or engraving

From the beginning it is convenient to know if your wedding rings allow you to carry a message.

Because although almost all of them include the names of the bride and groom, some couples choose to write their nicknames or affectionate names, a special phrase, the wedding date or an out-of-the-ordinary message and with that personalize them. You should not put limits on this, since it is something very personal that remains only in you as a couple.

Whatever your ideal wedding rings are like, the important thing is that you give it the meaning it really has, that of being a symbol of your love. Remember that when you are separated by travel or when you have not seen each other all day, the ring will remind you of that person you love. Try that in the end the design and material is something that you both like so that you can use it most of the time, without it being uncomfortable for you.

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